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MK in pink - full back


MK in pink - full back

mattress. With every movement comes the resetting of the cold metal around my wrists. The crisp air nullifying the warmth these paper-like sheets were supposed to provide. Water from a nearby tap dripping rapidly. Any thoughts that enter my mind are abolished by the promising presence of death. Imprisoned against my own will, and in the name of a man who shares no reason for prosecution. I have become a victim to the idea of a perfect society with no margin for error. Caged by the clouded vision of a man so engulfed in his own power, that madness has become his escape. This is no ordinary madness, but a sickness. This is a madness born in isolation, and spread through mass idolization. Madness not to be associated with, but to be listened to, slithering its way through the minds of the people, whispering into unsuspecting ears. A sickness gradually eating away at individuality, consuming the minds of the innocent civilians as they are herded like a bunch of cattle.


I shift over onto my back, the steel of the cuffs clashing against my wedding ring. The corridor’s echoing with small squeaks and sobs. The dripping water seems to have slowed. It’s a different kind of madness, a madness which offers no pity, a madness that rips apart lovers, breaks the bonds of family, thriving in the presence of desolation. In despair and loss they look for hope, a new beginning, a leader. The people allow the madness to engulf them, and after such time, forget who they really are. This is why I am somewhat grateful for my imprisonment, surrounded only by mere bars and concrete I still have the most powerful tool anyone can have, my sanity. No leader to poison my thoughts, no followers to influence my decisions I consider myself the luckiest man on earth.


The temperature drops rapidly, sending my body into severe shock, the chattering of my teeth out-matching any cricket. My gaze pans across the room, desolate, dark, soon to be lifeless. The dripping slowed, closer to reaching a halt. I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time, the possibility of escape constantly filling me with euphoria. It’s strange really, they say death is one of the scariest concepts in existence, but once you’ve been stripped of any dream or desire, and dismissed the possibility of a different reality, you are left to accept the world you live in, and for that reason, I welcome death. I’ve discovered that in isolation comes some of life’s greatest revelations, without others influencing your views and clouding the truth with the empty promises of their almighty leaders, life becomes simpler. There is no greater power, there is nothing else, human beings are life. There is no meaning, no purpose. Life’s greatest achievement is to die in peace, and the sooner you do so, the better. Death is a friend, an escape from the claws of reality, releasing the minds of men from the physical confines of their mortality. In solitude men go crazy, in solitude I have found reason.


So I lie, feeling the cold draw numbness over my body. It’s here, it is time, soon to meet the others lucky enough to leave before me. Imagining the world that could have been, mankind’s potential was great, but the innate need for belonging made them weak. Immersed in the glories of death I open my eyes one last time, this chamber, this bunker of knowledge has also become one of the dark places on earth. I can admire this leader’s intuition, their dedication, but am unable to comprehend his total disregard for humanity. As I hear the dripping of the water gradually come to its end, I begin to surrender into deaths surprisingly warm arms. Escaped.



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Lori is dead!

Daryl left!

… and the prom is tomorrow!